Mission Capital was founded in 2001 by a group of local funders, nonprofit leaders and community volunteers as a place where Central Texas nonprofits could go for resources and guidance. Originally named the Austin Nonprofit Resource Network, then Greenlights for Nonprofit Success, and finally Mission Capital, the organization’s history has evolved from a nonprofit resource into a community resource and partner focused on solving complex social issues.


Greenlights Becomes Mission Capital

September, 2015
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After an in-depth strategic planning process and brand audit, we cast a new vision to see our community’s complex social issues get solved.

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As a natural evolution toward embracing this vision, we decided it was time to be more than “Greenlights for Nonprofit Success” since we’re really for community success. With much stakeholder guidance and support, we’re excited to launch into a new era as Mission Capital.

Mission Capital is not just a new name; it embodies our new direction and purpose as an organization. We believe a new form of capital is required to solve complex community problems. You know about the business need for venture capital, the power of human capital, and the influence of political capital. Mission Capital brings together all forms of capital to fuel the work of mission-driven people and organizations – it’s the kind of capital that will change the world.


Greenlights and Innovation+ Merger

January, 2014
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After identifying several programmatic and operational synergies, Greenlights and Innovation+ entered into a merger in January 2014, further enhancing their focus on solving big community problems. The merged organization better connects best practices in nonprofit management with philanthropic investment and entrepreneurship, serving as a go-to social sector resource and leader.


Greenlights 10 Year Anniversary

October, 2011
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On October 12, 2011, Greenlights celebrated 10 years of service to Central Texas nonprofits.

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In addition to honoring a group of key founders, including Deborah Edward, Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky, Lynn Meredith and Libby Malone, the anniversary celebration was used as an opportunity to raise funds for new nonprofit research and community programs. The event also sparked a recurring annual fundraiser: Party for Good.

Austin Nonprofit Resource Network Becomes Greenlights

June, 2001
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In early 2001, a just-formed nonprofit sought guidance as it realized its descriptive, but frankly boring, name – Austin Nonprofit Resource Network – had quickly lost its edge.

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One morning, several members of the startup board of directors gathered to brainstorm new names for the organization. Led by David Wenger, the session began with the board members gathered around a table full of colorful photos with evocative scenes. Each person was asked to pick one photo and use it to create an advertisement for the new organization. One of the images selected was of a “go” sign and a green light. The board member described his advertisement saying that the organization gives “nonprofits a green light to do the best they can do.”

This single idea sparked the new name – Greenlights for Nonprofit Success – and Greenlights quickly became a metaphor for showing the many pathways to success, opening doors and enabling progress.


How It All Began

February, 2001
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In 2000, a group of nonprofit, philanthropic, government, education and business leaders assembled with the vision of ensuring that our local community was supported by the most effective and capable nonprofits.

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At this time, what would become Mission Capital was known as the Austin Nonprofit Resource Network.

For a year, this group convened and strategized, garnering input and support from a broad cross section of the business and philanthropic community. The founders saw an opportunity to create a cohesive network that could provide re¬sources and support where the nonprofit community needed it most.

Incorporating in February of 2001, the launch of the “Austin Nonprofit Resource Network” officially made this vision a reality.