Mission Capital connects thousands of nonprofit and social sector leaders who share our vision and want to improve the community we call home.


Connect with a community of nonprofits, foundations and mission-driven organizations who support one another in addressing social issues.


Learn more about how nonprofit membership can support your organization with tools, resources, and networking.

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Play an active role in helping nonprofit leaders dramatically increase their community impact.


Our Social Venture Partner network of business leaders and social entrepreneurs care deeply about our community and want to invest in results. Partners engage their minds, experience and relationships to play an active role in solving complex social issues.

As the Austin chapter of Social Venture Partners International, you become part of a 3500+ global network of philanthropists and change-makers.

Meet the hundreds of community leaders who make up our local partner network.


Join a network of philanthropists who are leading change in our community.


  • Share your expertise and resources with Austin’s most innovative nonprofits.
  • Guide social entrepreneurs in developing business and growth strategies.
  • Participate in creative and emerging forms of social impact investing.


We invest our human capital in organizations that are making big strides in solving community problems. Maximize your investment in our community by supporting Mission Capital, our nonprofit members, and Social Venture Partners.

  • Participate in new ways to invest in community collaboratives and nonprofit projects.
  • Support the work of Austin’s social sector through high-impact investments.
  • Sponsor an event and gain exposure among nonprofit leaders, businesses and community activists.

Membership allows me to do more in the community and focus on our mission.

Rodney Ahart

Executive Director of Keep Austin Beautiful

We all have a lot of opportunities to write checks to support organizations in the community. But here we have the opportunity to engage our minds, our experience, our relationships to really be catalysts for change in our community.

Dennis Cavner

Mission Capital Board Chair 2015

They are very intellectually curious, have deep entrepreneurial and professional experience and care passionately about community impact, so it’s an incredible group of people to be part of.

Suzi Sosa

Co-Founder & CEO, Verb

The exposure and knowledge that Austin Youth River Watch has gained through that community have been invaluable.

R. Brent Lyles

Executive Director of Austin Youth River Watch

We’ve met so many people in the community that we would have taken us years to develop without Mission Capital.

Lucas Wells

Chief Program Officer of Easter Seals Central Texas

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