Want to generate revenue? Try the Revenue Generator!

Sustainability is a major priority for nonprofits and their funders. In our role supporting the Central Texas nonprofit sector, Mission Capital is committed to providing resources and expertise to help organizations build earned revenue models, sustaining the missions that help our community thrive. Over the past year, many Mission Capital members and nonprofit professionals have joined us for learning sessions to explore diversifying funding streams through our Beyond the Grant research and earned revenue spotlights. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include a team intensive, the Revenue Generator. I’m excited to share highlights with you below!

Mission Capital launched the Revenue Generator, a six-week “sprint” of three workshops, designed to guide nonprofits through testing the viability of their idea. Six nonprofit teams and 14 Social Venture Partners (SVPs) collaborated to explore ways for expanding the services of Caritas of Austin, Children’s Optimal Health, Explore Austin, Neuropathy Alliance of Texas, SAFE, and Youth Rise Texas.

Together, these teams worked through the business model, discussed the differences between clients and customers, tested financial models, and developed pitches to share with three foundation representatives. SVPs rotated through the organizations to share their expertise and perspectives on the market viability and product and service offerings.

“Everyone who came to sit and talk with us was SO helpful.” –  Kelly White, Co-CEO of SAFE

While earned revenue strategies are appealing from a funding perspective, there is an inherent risk when asking nonprofits to consider market demands. The Revenue Generator provided the opportunity for teams to evaluate the feasibility and strategies for launching their products or services before investing in a costly new venture. Better yet, the whole process was completed in a safe environment with real-time and expert feedback readily available.

“I appreciate the feedback early on in our process. We’re saving time and money to help us get to a more valuable place a year from now.” – Kandace Vallejo, Founding Executive Director, Youth Rise Texas

To learn more about the Revenue Generator and how participant and member, SAFE, is expanding their mission with an earned revenue offering they developed in the intensive, join us June 19 for our Member Spotlight: SAFE. Hope to see you there!

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