Programming Changes in COVID-19 Times

As our general audience trainings went virtual this year, our team worked hard to make the programming changes necessary to ensure that our offerings meet the current needs of attendees.

We are excited to share how our last course of this year – Conflict Mitigation & Team Dynamics – has shifted. We believe these three highlights showcase how nonprofits can benefit from attending this revamped session, as they wrap-up 2020 and plan for the year ahead.

1. We’ll reflect on how virtual or hybrid (in-person, virtual) work environments impact conflict.

With changing communication and environment our teams have had to adjust. We’ll explore what kinds of considerations are important to remember in this time.

2. We’ve opened the course to individuals (attendance is no longer restricted to work teams—but organizations who send multiple people do get a discount!)

Time is one of our most precious resources in this environment, and we hear you that it’s hard to make time for multiple people from your organization to take time out of critical operations. That’s why we’ve adjusted this course to become an offering for individuals – while keeping prices affordable for those who want to invest in multiple folks at once.

3. The course will utilize Zoom interaction to its fullest—with lots of activity and interaction.

Our facilitators are committed to providing the best learning environment for adult learners. You’ll be guided through different activities to ensure your learning is engaging and impactful.

Interested in joining us for this course? Deadline to register is Friday, December 4. We have a limited number of spots available in order to ensure everyone in the class receives the attention they need, so reserve your spot today!

This course is open for Premium and Unlimited Memberships to use their credit towards up to 3 registrations. Have questions about your membership benefits? Reach out to

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