Making the Most of Your Membership: Office Hours

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve launched our new Membership Packages! Every offering was designed based on member feedback, and we’ve introduced some major changes to better serve our nonprofit community.

To help you better understand how to maximize your membership, we’re spotlighting one of our newest offerings – Office Hours  

Is your nonprofit staff working through a challenge internally? Are you facing obstacles when it comes to managing your team? Do you need insight on how to better engage your board? When you attend Office Hours, you’ll meet with Mission Capital experts and Social Venture Partners to talk through challenges your nonprofit is facing. Good candidates for office hours are members who are ready to implement a new best practice they learned at a training, stuck solving a specific organizational problem, or needing advice tailored to their unique current. 

These are one-hour sessions available on a first come, first served basis. When you sign up, your Membership Manager will reach out to discuss your current challenge. Afterwards, you’ll be paired with a Mission Capital staff member or Social Venture Partner who has the expertise to best advise you.  

This is a member-exclusive benefit only available to current members. Not sure if you’re a member? Reach out today!

Office Hours are offered quarterly on specific topics. September is now open for signups!   

Office hours will be hosted at Mission Capital office. Sign up today 

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