Membership 2020: Connection and Support for All

July is here and that means the Mission Capital Membership Drive is underway! In order to best serve you during these times, we have made some changes to our program for 2020, as detailed below, that will make it easier for all organizations to make the connections and get the support that they need.

Mission Capital’s mission is to equip and connect mission-driven leaders, organizations, and networks advancing equity and opportunity through their work. We know that in the months and years to come, collaboration across our sector will be vital to serving our communities’ needs and working to stem the compounding effects of historical inequities.

Our Membership program serves to advance this mission by operating under three principles:

Equity is at the heart of our opportunity: The needs and priorities of those most impacted by systemic disparities are prioritized.

•  Relationships matter: Our organization must bring people together to form true community.

•  Resource distribution: Information and introductions are key in navigating funding, hiring and management challenges. Mission Capital is well-positioned to connect nonprofits to other organizations (funders, other nonprofits, businesses, government) who can.

We are so grateful for the support, connections and relationships we’ve seen develop over the past few months and we look forward to supporting your organization’s ongoing work as a member of the Mission Capital community.

Changes to Membership 2020


New Offerings

VIRTUAL Member Meetups through December 2020: Our team is committed to your safety so we’re transforming our in-person offerings into virtual options. You’re welcome to share offerings with your entire staff and board members.

UNLIMITED Board Essentials Registrations for your board and staff: Due to popular demand we’ve created a virtual course offered monthly that any member of your organization is welcome to join.

NEW HR Toolkit (coming in 2020): As guidelines change rapidly, our toolkit will help you keep in mind resources and best practices.

Office Hours with SVPs: As your projects shift and change, we heard your need to have in-time support. Office Hours with Social Venture Partners will now be offered on a monthly basis.

Payment is Not a Barrier

We know the changes in the economy, funding systems, and general uncertainty are realities many of us are navigating. We’re introducing two options for payment to ensure that inability to pay is not a barrier to accessing our resources.

Pay What You Can: All standard memberships are available at an amount of your choosing. We ask that those that have stable funding or budget for membership contribute the full amount ($250) to help sustain the costs of the programming. As a reminder membership gives all staff, board and key volunteers access to all Member resources and events.

Payment Plans: All three of our membership levels (Standard, Premium, and Unlimited) are available through an installment plan. Simply choose the package and timing of the payment that you need.

A Shift in Our Convenings

Many of you have joined us for conversations and participated in data collections over the past few months that have been illuminating, insightful, and demonstrated the need to move to action. This need for collaboration in our sector will be supported by the membership program.

Membership at Mission Capital will help connect you with other nonprofits, support community-wide resource needs and concerns, and disseminate information to all members. Our second Pulse Survey identified 7 priority areas and we’ll start with these over the coming months:

• Technology & Digital Access
• Health & Well Being
• Basic Needs (e.g. housing, food)
• Supplies & Personal Protection Equipment
• Program Mergers
• Mental Health
• Shared Services or Mergers/Acquisitions

We are excited to more deeply explore this role of connecting and supporting your mission in this new environment!

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