Articles posted by "Matt Kouri"

Building Trust (Without the Trust Falls)

Trust is essential to a healthy and positive relationship, but fostering trust within your organization is no easy task.

Are Nonprofits at the Heart of Social Problem Solving?

Nonprofits are at the heart of social problem solving, and there is opportunity for never-before seen “both and” thinking.

The Most Momentous Year

CEO Matt Kouri recaps Mission Capital’s 2015 highlights and his vision for much more in 2016.

We Are Mission Capital

We believe that we need a bold new goal: that complex problems in our community get solved. And we believe it will take a new form of capital, mission capital, to solve those problems.

Why We Need a Bold, New Vision

It’s time for a Kennedy-like moonshot in the greater Austin community. Greenlights has just announced a bold, new vision and is calling on everyone in our community to embrace it: we believe that our biggest, most complex community problems can (and should) be solved.