Articles posted by "Irina Meza"

Employee Engagement: Understanding Why Employees Leave

In this sneak peek at our newest toolkit, our Chief of Staff, Irina Meza, offers resources to help you create employee engagement strategies.

Mental Health and Wellness for Ourselves and Our Staff

We have compiled a list of resources to help you take care of your team as the effects of social distancing affect our mental health & wellness.

Wrapping Up Our First Implicit Bias Learning Circle

Irina Meza and Reyda Taylor are co-facilitators for some of MC’s new equity workshops. They share why starting with the Implicit Bias Learning Circle was important to our work.

Centering Equity and HR in COVID-19

As we find new ways to interact and care for each other during COVID-19, our Chief of Staff reminds us to keep equity at the center of HR practices.