Articles posted by "Ann Starr"

3+3+3 = How to Get People Excited About Your Nonprofit

Most of us are usually ready with the good ‘ol “elevator pitch”, but how do we make people excited to learn more about our organization?

Transform Your Journey with our Leadership Academies

No matter where you are in your professional journey, our Leadership Academies to help you get where you want to be this 2020.

An Exciting Partnership for Board Summit

MC’s Director of Learning & Leadership, Ann Starr, sat down with The New Philanthropist’s Co-Founder and Board Leader, Mando Rayo, to find out why diversity in boards is so important.  

Why You SHOULD Take It Personally

Of all that makes up a nonprofit, people have the greatest influence on the organization. So, what can you do to be your best? Take your leadership development personally.

The Human Capital Behind Mission Capital

Ann Starr talks about Mission Capital’s greatest asset, its greatest form of “capital,” its staff.