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Managing Executive Transition Through Interim Leadership

Learn how to find, hire and onboard an “interim” Executive Director that sets up your next “regular” Executive Director for success.

Imagine the Possibility of Dramatic Social Change

Board Chair Jennifer Vickers discusses our ability to build, collaborate and innovate as a sector in order to solve social issues.

Aspire and Commit to a Better Community

For many, the new year is a time to make a commitment to better yourself and the community around you.

Bridging the Leadership Gap

Leaders during a time of transition or change can alter the course of an organization. Learn the role and core competencies of interim leadership.

The Most Momentous Year

CEO Matt Kouri recaps Mission Capital’s 2015 highlights and his vision for much more in 2016.

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare.

It’s time to think differently about how Austin approaches its most challenging social issues.

Local Social Enterprise Invests in Refugee Women

Accelerator graduate and 2015 investee, Multicultural Refugee Coalition and their social enterprise, Open Arms, is empowering refugee women in Austin.

Celebrating Nonprofit Excellence in Austin

The 2015 Nonprofit Excellence Award winners encourage us to believe that anything is possible. Read about how they’re tackling complex social issues.

Preserving Your Mission with Succession Planning

Planning for leadership transitions is often an afterthought, but having a succession plan in place can ensure organizational continuity and preserve your mission and legacy.

Business Framework for Assessing Nonprofit Programs

The Business Model Canvas can help nonprofits create a framework and structured approach to tactical planning as well as building a case for funding.

New Approach to Expand Homeless Services

Through its recent acquisition of a plaza in Austin’s Rundberg corridor, Caritas of Austin is showing how social entrepreneurship can transform lives.

The Human Capital Behind Mission Capital

Ann Starr talks about Mission Capital’s greatest asset, its greatest form of “capital,” its staff.


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