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Meet Associate Consultant Minh Ha

This summer, meet our incredible team of knowledgeable and talented consultants who work in partnership with our social sector to strengthen organizations.

Want to generate revenue? Try the Revenue Generator!

Learn about how Mission Capital is helping nonprofits explore earned revenue models to sustain the missions that help our community thrive.

Having an Existential Moment

Mission Capital has prompted me to explore age-old existential questions, such as: who are we, how did we get here, and what is our reason for being?

Member Moment: Literacy First Giving Young Students a Reading Start

55% of Central Texas students are not reading at grade level, but Literacy First is on a mission to change that statistic.

Can’t get news media coverage for your organization? This is why.

You’ve heard the saying “Everybody’s got a story.” Well it’s true, but some stories are just better than others. What’s yours?

Why You SHOULD Take It Personally

Of all that makes up a nonprofit, people have the greatest influence on the organization. So, what can you do to be your best? Take your leadership development personally.

Dear Emerging Leader

Armed with wisdom, two of Mission Capital’s Emerging Leadership Academy graduates answer all your burning questions about the program.

Member Moment: Introducing Affinity Meet-Ups

Mission Capital is convening a series of Affinity Meet-Ups – cohorts of leaders in similar job roles gathering to discuss their most pressing challenges.

Dating and Development Have a lot in Common

From first-date silences, missed social cues, and the work it takes to deepen a new relationship, development and dating share some do’s and don’ts.

Thou Shalt Strategic Plan

It’s true – we, in the nonprofit sector, have a love/hate relationship with strategic planning, but how can we make the process work for us?

Member Moment: Celebrating Austin’s Nonprofits at SXSW

SXSW programming includes opportunities to showcase and celebrate the impactful work of our nonprofit community.

Make Conflict Your Ally

If there’s no way to truly avoid conflict, then might as well make it your ally.



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