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Centering Equity and HR in COVID-19

Centering Equity and HR in COVID-19

As we find new ways to interact and care for each other during COVID-19, our Chief of Staff reminds us to keep equity at the center of HR practices.

Capacity Building in COVID-19

Capacity Building in COVID-19

As a capacity builder, Mission Capital has spent the last weeks equipping and connecting the Central Texas nonprofit sector to weather COVID-19.


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Social Sector

Get an in-depth look at Austin-area challenges and opportunities in our social sector, with supporting data and recommendations.

High-Performing Organizations

Define your goals and how to achieve them, develop a sustainable business model, and attract visionary, results-driven leaders.


Learn about types of strategic collaborations, evaluate your partnerships, and identify ways to extend your impact.

Investment and

Learn about types of strategic collaborations, evaluate your partnerships, and identify ways to extend your impact.


The Nonprofit Effectiveness Framework

Six elements that are critical to all organizations, regardless of size, mission or scope. Download

Solving Complex Problems through Collaboration

The value of collaborative projects in solving complex problems. Download

On the Verge: Value and Vulnerability in Austin’s Nonprofit Sector

A look at Austin’s nonprofit sector, including size, scope and economic value. Download

Measuring Nonprofit Impact: The State of Evaluation in Central Texas

Recommendations for nonprofit leaders on the use of data and evaluation. Download


All houses begin with a basic blueprint: a strong foundation, thoughtful framing and layout of rooms. Similarly, all nonprofits need a framework around which to live out their mission. These elements are core to our work and guide nonprofits in understanding and achieving organizational effectiveness.

The Nonprofit Effectiveness Framework: Six Critical Elements to Nonprofit Work

These in-depth courses cover topics including leadership development, strategy and sustainability, employee engagement, conflict mitigation and more.

  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Sustainable Business Model
  • The Right Leadership
  • Smart Operations
  • Implementation and Improvement
  • Strategic Collaboration