After an in-depth strategic planning process, brand audit and extensive stakeholder input, we’re excited to launch into a new era as Mission Capital.

Austin is changing, our city’s problems are changing, and so are we.


For 14 years, Greenlights has focused on helping nonprofits be more sustainable and successful, because nonprofits are core to solving community problems. Over time, we’ve come to realize that creating lasting social change is not about a tax status.
When we set a bold vision for our organization and our community – to see our most complex community problems actually get solved – we recognized that system-wide change cannot be achieved by working with nonprofits alone.
After an in-depth strategic planning process, brand audit and extensive stakeholder input, we’re excited to launch into a new era as Mission Capital.
While the brand, tagline and logo have changed, our commitment to the nonprofit sector remains unwavering. Mission Capital will continue to serve nonprofit organizations, in addition to broadened services to support foundations, philanthropists, government sector, social enterprises and other mission-driven people and organizations looking to make a difference in the community.


Turning impossible into possible

Where others see impossible challenges, we see opportunity. Mission Capital provides you and your organization with the tools and guidance needed to create lasting social change. We multiply the impact of mission-driven people and organizations, so that together we can move mountains.

About Our New Identity

The name “Mission Capital” combines two ideas that are core to the organization’s strategy and vision. Mission Capital will serve people who are on a mission to improve the community. The transformational change we seek will also take investment of capital – human, intellectual, social, political and financial capital. Mission Capital is a new form of capital, and it’s what fuels mission-driven organizations, nonprofit or otherwise, as they work to make meaningful and lasting social change.

The new logo evokes mathematical terminology of “solving for X,” a direct reference to Mission Capital’s core purpose of seeing complex community problems get solved. It invites you to fill in the blank: what issues do you want to solve?

The “X” contains a Venn diagram symbolizing the role Mission Capital will play in uniting heart and head, nonprofit expertise and business savvy. The placement of the logo mark in the exponent position refers to Mission Capital’s ability to create exponential social good by multiplying the impact of individual people and organizations.

The new tagline, “To the power of good,” is a play on words that references the use of the exponent in the logo and double meaning wherein Mission Capital, as a nonprofit itself, believes in the exponential power of doing good.


Why did Greenlights rebrand?

A rebrand was the natural evolution of Greenlights in light of our current strategic plan, mission and vision for our community. Our strategic planning process brought about many valuable insights, including that simply “sustaining” nonprofits wasn’t enough to achieve our bold vision of seeing to it that pressing social issues actually get solved. The process also brought up questions about our identity. Through the research and analysis of an outside firm we heard resounding support for Greenlights. But we also heard that there’s a gap in Austin, and it was time for Greenlights to step up. It was time for us to be more than “Greenlights for Nonprofit Success” since we’re really “for community success.”

Which community problems are you focused on solving?

No matter the social issue you’re passionate about – education, health, youth development, environment, homelessness (to name a few) – complex and interconnected problems continue to plague Austin. We’re not in the business of determining which issues are “more worthwhile.” We will, however, focus our efforts on strong, effective organizations and initiatives that are poised for long-term success, and could benefit from the kind of human and financial capital we can provide. We want to see meaningful and lasting change in our community and work with the people, organizations and projects that will make that happen.

What type and size of nonprofits do you serve?

Nonprofits big and small are doing amazing work and are crucial in providing services here in Austin. We offer a suite of services to meet these organizations wherever they are on their journey. Our membership base is strong, growing and includes a huge diversity of member organizations. We know solving complex community problems is going to be a long, hard road. You’ll see that we’re going deeper rather than wider. Our programs provide long-term engagements, multi-layered support and system-wide change, all of which we think are critical to tackling the entrenched issues facing our community.

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