Middle School can be a challenging time for many. Students who participate in RAISEup Texas, an E3 Alliance program, gain 10 times more points on tests than their peers. Through the 2014 Mission Accelerator, Mission Capital worked with E3 Alliance to create an ambitious growth plan to spread their program throughout Central Texas.


Middle School can be a tough time for just about any kid. Lockers, seven different teachers, and hormones add up to a challenging transition.

For students who are floundering academically, the middle school years are a particularly precarious time. In fact, about half of all students in our high-needs middle schools are already struggling learners, and half of those students will eventually drop out of school entirely.

Enter RAISEup Texas, a collaborative effort powered by E3 Alliance that is transforming middle school teaching and learning in Central Texas by changing how students learn and teachers teach. The initiative empowers middle school students to meet high standards for college and career-readiness by implementing novel instructional strategies that help all students learn and achieve, in every subject and every classroom.

When E3 Alliance went through the 2014 Mission Accelerator, they had encouraging results from a demonstration project, but lacked a plan to strategically scale the program throughout the region. The expansion plan they created thanks to the Accelerator was an ambitious one: reach 28,000 students in five years to improve achievement for all and significantly transform academic outcomes for struggling learners.

So far, the results are impressive. Students at the first cohort of eight RAISEup Texas expansion schools have seen double-digit improvements in passing rates over the previous year, among other successes:

“Already we have seen demonstrated increases in STAAR performance in our most at risk ELLs (English Language Learners) by 27%, a decrease in teacher turnover by 20%, and a decrease in student discipline referrals by 35%.” – Principal of Lockhart Junior High School, an expansion school

The next cohort of schools has been recruited and implementation began in September, 2016.

“Without Mission Capital, we would not have taken the time, focus, and outside opinions to really hone in on a business plan that could set us up for long term success.” – Susan Dawson, E3 Alliance President

Mission Capital is proud to have helped fast-track the growth and impact of this remarkable initiative.

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