The Human Capital Behind Mission Capital

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This guest blog post is by Ann Starr, former Director of Education at Mission Capital and current Managing Director at Forklift Danceworks.

I have been proud to be part of the Mission Capital team in some capacity since 2004, and in 2009 I joined full time as Director of Education. After 6 years, I leave the role of Mission Capital staffer and assume my new title of Mission Capital member. As the Managing Director at Forklift Danceworks, I am now one of thousands of nonprofit professionals that Mission Capital serves in Central Texas.

To say that a lot has changed at Greenlights/Mission Capital over the years is an understatement. In the last 18 months, they added staff, moved to new offices, changed up the annual conference, switched their fiscal year…and the name change, of course! But the thing driving all those changes, and any more that emerge in the future, is the same. It is what Mission Capital is really all about: they are absolutely determined to do their best for you.

Mission Capital’s greatest asset, its greatest form of “capital” by far, is its staff. The people of Mission Capital simply do not rest until they have given their all to serve their clients, members, partners and board. Sometimes they try to slow down and do a little less, but the drive to do more and have a greater impact in the city they love, always wins out.

In the end, every organization is made up of people. Every idea and decision comes from people, and every donation that is requested or received is given by and to people. The people behind Mission Capital have not changed. They have always been extraordinarily talented and dedicated to serving you and me as best they can.

If you aren’t sure where you fit in the new Mission Capital, please take the time to find out. While the mix of services may seem pretty different these days, there is so much for small nonprofits like mine, along with services that large, mission-driven organizations of any type will want to explore. No matter how you experience the new Mission Capital, it will be the people that will make you glad you did.


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