The Value of Service Excellence

Mission Capital has six powerful core values that serve as the foundation for our  mission and vision. These values guide how we work within our organization and in the communities we serve.

As an organization, we strive to incorporate our core values in our daily interactions, our program and service delivery and measurement, our hiring process, our employee development, and our rewards and recognition practices.

In this segment of our Value of Core Values series, we’ll explore Mission Capital’s core value of service excellence.

What is service excellence?

In Austin, the professional development training opportunities are endless. Simply search “training” in your search engine of choice to find hundreds of available options. To earn your business, and your trust, we have to stand out from the rest – and that means going above and beyond to meet, and exceed, your expectations.

At Mission Capital, service excellence upholds three key tenants:

  1. We produce work of the highest quality and continuously evaluate, respond, adapt and seek to improve.
  2. We ensure that we have the capacity and expertise to deliver remarkable stakeholder-centered services.
  3. We add value to our community while bringing joy, enthusiasm and respect to every interaction.

Excellence from Start to Finish

The Golden Rule can easily be applied to service excellence. “The Golden Rule”, or the law of reciprocity, is
the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated.

Step One: Initial Interactions

At Mission Capital, we host a variety of events in size and scope. We work hard as a team to place ourselves in the shoes of our attendees and think about the experience we would like to have from a training.

The customer’s service experience starts from the minute our webpage is pulled up. Is it easily navigated? Is the registration process straight-forward and glitch-free? Does the description adequately describe what an attendee can expect to learn? Will they automatically receive a receipt for the expense report and directions to the facility? These are a few guiding factors that help us provide a positive experience for our customers and clients.

Step Two: On-Site Experience

The event provides a whole different set of expectations for us to both meet and exceed. Are there meals and drinks available for all dietary types? Can attendees hear and see well? Are there enough handouts? Is the room comfortable? And you can’t forget the content! After all, that’s what brought you here!

We work hard to ensure attendees receive the best and most current information available for nonprofit effectiveness and leadership development. As a member of the Learning & Leadership team, I am continually reminded of how smart the people I work with are. They create the best content in Central Texas, and it’s my responsibility to make sure that it’s delivered in a comfortable place with the proper amenities so you can focus on absorbing all that knowledge.

Step 3: After the Event

Every offering is an opportunity to do better than we did before. We’ve even been teased about having perfectionist tendencies. Realistically, we care about gathering input and using it to continuously improve our offerings.

We all try our best, but sometimes we can’t plan for everything. And that’s okay! It’s how you handle it that matters! Are you easy to work with? Apologetic? Do you work quickly and efficiently to remedy the situation or find someone who can? If you can’t fix it immediately, are you clear as to how you will fix it and do you follow-up with the individual? No one is error-free, despite our best efforts, but kindness and courtesy can go a long way in providing service excellence.

You can come experience our excellent service by attending any of our classes listed on our Learning & Leadership page or attending Mission Driven, the 2017 Human Capital Summit on September 27! Use your membership discount to take advantage of the learning offerings and let us take care of you for a few hours!

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