A Network for Impact

When you volunteer your time, do you want to be sure you’re making a real, sustainable impact? Are you interested in building relationships with fellow mission-driven leaders? Curious about the latest innovative trends in the social sector? If your answer is yes to most, or maybe all these questions, you might be ready to join the global Social Venture Partner network.

What are SVPs?

Mission Capital Social Venture Partners are people of all ages, from all backgrounds, working in a wide variety of sectors. They’re experts in business, marketing, finance, start-ups, investing, project management, HR, and much more. They’re passionate about creating a Central Texas community where all can thrive, and know that nonprofits are at the forefront of driving that social change. They’ve experienced firsthand that by using their professional skills and experiences to mentor nonprofit organizations and their leaders, they become an integral player, perhaps even an MVP, in creating lasting impact. Does this sound like you or an opportunity you’d be interested in exploring? I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at lisak@missioncapital.org to connect and learn more about becoming an SVP.

An SVP Perspective

Not inspired to join the network yet? Don’t take my word for it, hear what Mike Clifford has to say about how being an SVP has had an impact on both his personal and professional life. 

Let me preface my SVP experience with this: I’m not a proactive networker, I don’t have the “sales” gene, and I’m lousy at asking for money, jobs, and favors.

All that considered, my SVP involvement led to

  • A seat on the CASA board.
  • A seat on the Goodwill board.
  • A seat on the Mission Capital board.
  • An advisor role to Helper Bees.
  • An advisor role to Verb.
  • An advisor role to Eco-Rise.
  • An advisor role to Catholic Charities of Central Texas.
  • The ability to ask questions and share perspectives with people motivated to do social good.
  • A strengthened network and community of friends passionate about social issues facing our society.
  • A role on the executive team at UFCU focused on my work in the community.

Although the 5 AM wake-ups are still not fun, it’s suddenly worth it. My SVP experience cured my longing to do something important again. I feel like what I’m doing now exceeds any accomplishment I made in my corporate life so far.  – Mike Clifford, VP of IT and CIO of UFCU

Want to look back in a few years and have stories like Mike? Send me an email at lisak@missioncapital.org.
Hope to hear from you soon! – Lisa Keefauver, Mission Capital’s Director of Strategic Partnerships 

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