Membership Resources: Toolkits

With ambiguous fiscal futures, funding volatility, and increasing demand for services, nonprofits’ need for support, connections and community is ever more urgent. The Mission Capital membership program provides consistent resources and opportunities for peer learning to increase your organization’s resilience and sustainability. Our online toolkits are one way we work to provide in-time support for you. Here we’re sharing more insight on what information each toolkit includes and share the vision for the upcoming HR Toolkit.

Board Toolkit

One of the biggest challenges we hear from members is how to engage and leverage their board to help support their organization’s goals. The formation and sustaining of a nonprofit board is an ongoing and critical project for nonprofit leaders. Our Board Excellence Toolkit serves as an overview to board formation, a guide to changing the culture and processes of a board, and a resource of important templates.

If you’re asking these questions the Board Toolkit is for you!

• What kind of board do you want for your organization?

• Do you want to make sure your board is complying with all the applicable standards for nonprofit governance?

• Do you want to strengthen your board compared to where you are now?

• Do you want a more diverse board that better represents the communities you serve?

Financial Toolkit

Are you concerned that your nonprofit may not use financial best practices? Or do you just want to strengthen the financial management and oversight of your nonprofit? It’s common for many people to contribute to the role of Financial Manager in a small nonprofit organization, including both paid staff and unpaid staff (volunteers, board members, and other external supporters). Our Financial Management Toolkit helps to focus the work of everyone who plays a role in the financial management and oversight of your organization.

Although we have focused this toolkit particularly on the needs and perspective of nonprofits with less than $500,000 of revenue per year, it has content that many larger nonprofits will find relevant. It can also help staff and board members that want to strengthen their fiscal skills.

This toolkit will help you if:

• You’ve ever wondered if you have “all the bases covered” when it comes to your nonprofit financial situation.

• You want to learn the nuts and bolts of nonprofit financial management.

• You have a limited budget for outside help, but you want to improve your organization’s financial management now.

HR Toolkit – Rollout starts March 2021

Mission Capital is working to transform itself and its organizational offerings by applying a race equity analysis. We know that to change our work we must first change ourselves and we’ve learned much during our journey about the way our organization is structured and how it can hinder and advance race equity internally. The HR Toolkit will give us the opportunity to explore the questions and learnings related to HR/operations and race equity pivots nonprofits experience. We’ll include resources and insights on a variety of topics we hear from nonprofits as they build their internal structures.

We’ll explore topics on:

• Talent Acquisition (Hiring, Onboarding, Job Analysis & Staffing)

• Employee Engagement & Retention (Workplace Culture, Assessing Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Retention)

• Workforce Management (Employee Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Succession Planning, Turnover & Separations)

• Total Rewards (Compensation Structure, Pay Equity & Compensation Analysis, Benefits)

• HR Policies & Best Practices (Employee Handbooks, Human Resource Manuals)

Our vision is for this toolkit to serve as a collaborative online resource for our nonprofit sector. If you have topics or resources you’ve found helpful we want to hear from you! Please send to if you want to contribute to the HR Toolkit formation.

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