Creating Leaders to the Power of Good

Every leader is on a journey to learn the art of leadership. Understanding this concept has fundamentally changed my approach to leadership development. I now see that bringing leaders together is essential. We need each other in order to learn and grow into the leaders our community needs us to be.

At Mission Capital we strive to multiply the impact of mission-driven leaders, and we do that most powerfully when we bring them together. Strong leaders are at the heart of community problem solving. Our community needs leaders who are prepared and equipped to create lasting social change.

The Leaders of Tomorrow

My hope for the future is reinforced every time we convene leaders in this community. Whether for one of our leadership academies, a team intensive or our annual conference, I see both the existing leadership strength and the tremendous potential that exists in Central Texas.

On December 6, we’ll convene up-and-coming leaders in our community for the Emerging Leadership Academy. Applicants are asked to describe what sets the most remarkable leaders apart. Here’s what we’ve learned from those who are preparing to lead our sector, both today and into the future:

“A leader is able to inspire, effectively listen, communicate, and provide direction from a place of understanding and constructive feedback. One who possesses these abilities is able to recognize their own weaknesses and use them to not only strengthen themselves, but also to build a foundation from which they may teach others.”

“I believe a great leader actively practices the skill of listening to others, understands failure isn’t defeat but a potential learning tool and leads without a superiority mentality.”

“The most effective leaders are open about mistakes or moments of imperfect humanity, and are able to demonstrate the value of that truth to others.”

“A great leader is able to lean into uncertainty, ask for help, inspire others and continually grow.”

“The leaders I admire are excellent listeners and ask thoughtful questions. When they challenge me, it always comes across as inquisitive and non-threatening. They allow me the space to discover and come to my own conclusions. These inspiring people see me as equals and genuinely value the unique contributions I make.”

“Great leaders are teachable, available and willing to admit their blind spots.”

“A great leader is someone who is willing to continue to grow and change. A great leader is also someone who seeks out advice and wisdom from others, fighting against complacency and the mindset that they know all the answers.”


Leading to Create Positive Social Impact

These thoughtful responses remind me that the wisdom we need to solve big community problems is available in every one of our organizations. Are we listening?

“The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present.”

– James Kouzes and Barry Posner

It’s truly a gift to deeply connect with the leaders around us and acknowledge that none of us can do the work we’re passionate about alone. The future of this community will be brighter if we focus on connecting deeply today. That’s how we “lead to the power of good.”


Ready to connect more deeply with other leaders in Central Texas? Join us on for one of our upcoming Leadership Academies!

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