It’s Time to be Audacious

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Nonprofits take on daunting challenges, unite communities, lift up people in need, protect the things we hold dear, and create environments where everyone can thrive. Over our 14-year history, Greenlights has worked alongside many impressive Austin-area nonprofits that are boldly addressing our city’s most difficult, ingrained social issues. We believe that nonprofits are at the heart of solving community problems, which is why they are and always will be at the heart of our work at Greenlights.

Nonprofits are critical to creating thriving communities and lasting social change, because, as Joy Leisen explains, “nonprofits can take on important work that may not be sustainable in a for-profit format. Charitable work is not necessarily profitable, and so without nonprofits there may not be a successful business model to offer services, no matter how great the local need is.”

The nonprofit sector excels at building trust, bringing people together around a common mission, making the most of limited resources, being transparent and accountable. Our business models and carefully cultivated relationships often influence us to be cautious and conservative in our approach. But are those the right skill-sets and traits we need to succeed in solving community problems? In many ways, yes, but perhaps we’ve been overly cautious.

Anyone who has worked toward resolving a complex social issue knows it’s not easy. Solving community problems is an extremely bold and massive undertaking. These social issues are messy, complex, ingrained, multi-faceted and difficult to understand. At Greenlights we’ve seen that solutions can come in all shapes and sizes, and are constantly evolving: grassroots movements, multi-million dollar establishments, ground-breaking social innovations and creative collaborations.

We’re seeing mission-driven organizations push the boundaries of traditional models and traditional roles. With an audacious charge to solve community problems, we need to be more audacious in our approach. We need an audacious vision for change, audacious optimism, audacious passion and commitment to mission, audacious philanthropy. We need to be bold, adventuresome, enterprising, courageous and tenacious. We are a force for good – the heroes of thriving communities!

We’re in the business of turning vision and passion for a better community into reality. Join us in having the audacity to believe it’s possible.

Ready to explore bold strategies that lead to meaningful social change? Register now for Mission Driven on September 10-11 and meet other changemakers who are ready to be audacious!


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