We Are Grateful For 2019

In the spirit of the holiday season, our staff reflects on this year’s experiences that make them grateful to be a part of our awesome team!

Reyda Taylor – Senior Consultant, Data & Evaluation: A few weeks ago, I got to work with Eva Ruth Moravec of the Texas Justice Initiative to co-lead a Member Meetup workshop on data and usability. Eva was so creative and joyful at every step of the way! Her energy and excitement for the work that TJI does was infectious. I’m very grateful to work with Eva and other leaders like her, who are so passionate for their missions!

Kyla Harrison – Consultant Fellow: This year, I reflect on a project that we did with a client surrounding Austin’s racial gap. For this project more than any other, I felt pressure to do it right, although we had no prior experience working on something that was race explicit and tied to Austin’s local black and brown communities. Despite the challenges of this engagement, we received positive feedback from the community, and will continue to think about how we approach projects like this in the future.

Amanda Miller – Data & Systems Manager: I’m grateful to have a team of wonderful, supportive colleagues who are mission-focused and solution-oriented. We’ve made great strides this year in revamping our internal processes for data management. This is big, time-consuming work, and while it represents a shift in strategic thinking, it also represents a lot of nitty-gritty changes to our daily processes.

Every person at Mission Capital has met this challenge head-on with nothing short of excitement about the possibilities that centralized data management represents. Program folks are eager to know and understand their clients better, and how our work connects across the organization – and are not afraid of the changes needed to make data friendlier and more accessible!

Kat Stanley – Grants Manager: One of our core values at Mission Capital is “Connectedness,” within our organization and to the community. Our teams are all busy, (in a good way!) which makes intentionally carving out time for us to connect with one another that much more important. Earlier this month, we had our annual pumpkin bakeoff and, once again, it was a hit! The creativity ranged from our Aligned Impact team creating a “café” in one of our meeting rooms to pumpkin-infused sweets to even pumpkin pie playdoh to take home to MC staff kiddos. We all know the holidays are coming, which means the hustle and bustle of wrapping up all the things that come with the end of the year. This bakeoff felt like an unofficial kickoff for the holidays and calm before the storm for us to enjoy our peers.

I’m grateful to be part of this team that works hard and plays hard and genuinely cares about creating a community within our organization that can continue to work together to do good for the Central Texas community.

Chelsea Hartness – Membership Manager: I am so grateful for the work of the Equity Advancement Team (EAT) and EATpac and everyone who shows up to advance equity in our organization. I didn’t know work could feel this meaningful.

I was blown away by the work of the EDs and CEOs in the CEO Coaching Circle who participated in the Action Learning facilitation. Their vulnerability, the depth of their support, and the amazing way they worked through the process together was an honor to witness and be a part of as a participant.

Matt Glazer – Senior Consultant: I am incredibly grateful of all the consulting work we get to do helping the people who make an impact in our community. The fact we get to work with so many great nonprofits, teams, boards, and volunteers who make a lasting difference in central Texas every day is incredible. I never have to question why I come to work. That’s pretty awesome.

Tara Kirkland – Chief Program Officer: I had the pleasure of working closely with Marisa Zappone from our Aligned Impact team and our Good Measure Steering Committee members to design and then participate in a strategic visioning retreat for 2020 work. As we reflected on the impact of the work in 2019 and looked ahead to next year and how to deepen Good Measure’s impact with participating nonprofits and funders in 2020, I was so grateful to be a part of this collaborative, and to the Mission Capital teammates and our external funder partners who make this important work possible!

Ann Starr – Director of Learning & Leadership: I am grateful for the trust that our nonprofit colleagues give to us when they come to a training or event. It’s an honor to get to work alongside so many amazing, dedicated people!

Emma Finkbone – Digital Marketing Specialist: When I joined this team in March, I was looking forward to contributing to making our community better and doing work that made me proud. I got that and so much more! I am grateful for our team and the collaboration that happens daily, for the infinite learning opportunities that have boosted my professional growth, and for the eye-opening personal growth that our internal equity work has given me.

Madge Vásquez – Chief Executive Officer: As our Mission Capital team continues to unpack what it means to live into our mission to advance equity and opportunity with other local leaders, organizations, and networks, I am grateful for the leadership of our internal Equity Advancement Team (EAT). Our internal EAT team has facilitated regular learning and capacity building platforms for individual, team and small group dialogue around race, power and privilege at Mission Capital. I am thankful for the honest dialogue and transformational relationship building we are engaging in as a staff at Mission Capital, and what this means as we strive to serve our social sector clients in a more meaningful way. Deepest thanks/agradacimientos to our EAT leaders — Minh Ha, Kyla Harrison, Chelsea Hartness, and Irina Meza!

Elizabeth Park – Development Membership Associate: In learning and collaborating with my AMAZING colleagues, I continue to grow through experiences that are exciting, challenging and uncomfortable… and I’ve learned that that’s okay. I’m so grateful to be able to explore racial equity and to do it alongside people who are committed to seeking discomfort and growth as we strive together to reevaluate our organization internally and contribute to systemic and transformative change. I wouldn’t be able to end this note without giving a major shout out to our Equity Advancement Team for the ways in which they go above and beyond to create this space for staff – thank you.

I’m also grateful for our Social Venture Partners and for the opportunities I’ve had in the past few months to learn and understand the “why” of this dynamic network of volunteers. It’s been incredible to see SVPs roll up their sleeves and provide direct guidance, mentorship and support to nonprofits who are addressing systemic issues in our community and beyond. A big thank you to all of our SVPs who are such an invaluable resource to the social sector – I feel so lucky to be a witness to the work that all of you do to support this community.

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