Building Meaningful and Deep Connections

In her 2020 Reflections at Mission Capital, our CEO, Madge Vásquez, shared poignant thoughts on 2020 and in particular she noted, 

Together, we’ve experienced new challenges and growth opportunities in a triple pandemic of a global public health crisis, racial reckoning and economic instability. These times have required us to be more courageous, accountable and intentional about our love for our neighbors and ourselves. 

Because of these extraordinary times, meaningful and deep connections are so very much needed. This is why, we are sharing two types of coaching experiences that will support you in making these connections.

CEO Coaching Circles 

Some of you may be familiar with our CEO Coaching circles, which utilize the Action Learning Process (AL) focusing on inquiry, reflection and deep listening to break open learning.  

AL strives to bring full understanding of problems that shifts leaders from talking at each other to listening, understanding and caring about what others have to say. Through great questions, the group aims to bring about breakthrough thinking that generates positive and powerful action to solve problems.  

Our CEO Coaching Circles meet 5 times, and cohorts are capped at 8 participants. Registration for CEO Coaching Circles Spring 2021 Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 are now open.

Here is feedback we have received from past participants:  

“The action learning process led to discussions that were far more focused and productive than most meetings you attend. I loved getting to hear from an experienced and diverse group of peers.” 

“Tackling a large, sometimes unknown or abstract, problem from an action-learning lens helped in identifying both the real issue at hand and the action items to resolve it. It’s a style of problem-solving I’ll continue to use within my organization, and one that’s already been put into use and shown results.” 

Introducing: Executive Coaching Circles 

Following the same format and tools as the CEO Coaching Circles, these cohorts are designed to bring together experienced nonprofit executives like CFOs, and COOs. These circles are Mission Capital’s response to feedback from our community, asking us to expand our offering beyond CEOs. 

Our Executive Coaching Circles will meet 5 times, and cohorts will cap at 8 participants. Registration for Executive Coaching Circles Spring 2021 Cohort 1 and Cohort 2 are now open.

We hope that you will find a space to build community and deepen relationships and connections in both of these offerings. If there is an additional opportunity you are interested in, feel free to email us at  

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