Articles posted by "Katy Bourgeois"

Lessons Learned from Building Collaboration

Our Aligned Impact Team has spent time dissecting the challenges of “coblaberation” to turn it into impactful collaboration. 

Solving the Foster Care Crisis Starts with You

Foster Community’s Ana Acosta, shares how she became involved in serving children in care and how you can too.

4 Keys to Building a Collaborative Strategy

Solving our community’s most pressing social challenges requires a change in how we do business. It takes moving into impactful collaborative initiatives.

Foundation for Successful Collaborative Projects

We understand the value of a collaborative project, but why are they so hard to get right? This pre-work sets you up for success.

6 Steps to Move from Talk to Action

We often hear about and talk about all the complex problems facing our community. It’s time we do less talking, and more solving.